MSI announces new online store “Small Bytes”

MSI is pleased to announce the opening of our new online Assessment Portal “Small Bytes”!

Small Bytes is an easy-to-use store where you can purchase a subset of MSI assessment product offerings. These are typically quick hit assessments, smaller in scope than our regular product offerings, which allows them to be completed in a relatively short time frame.

  • Targeted Threat Intelligence
  • AWS Configuration Security Audit
  • Office 365 Security Audit
  • Social Engineering – Phishing
  • External Network Vulnerability Assessments
  • Block of Security Engineer Consulting Hours

Small Bytes uses credit cards as a payment methodology and eliminates the need to generate P.O.’s or issue a check to pay invoices.

The only paperwork needed is a one page Customer Order Form (COF) that MSI will send for you to complete after your purchase. This helps to ensure the scope of your engagement and the quality of your results. Please use the link below to check it out!

Thank you as always for choosing MSI to partner with when it comes to your security concerns.

MSI – When quality matters!