Round Cube Webmail Probes Spreading Rapidly

Our HoneyPoint Security Server deployment has identified a set of 0-day scans and probes against the Round Cube Webmail system.

The probes are originating from infected Linux systems world wide and appear to be spreading rapidly. Infection of systems via a bot-net client or other form of malware is likely. The extent of compromise is currently unknown, but complete compromise or escalation to complete compromise may be possible.

Research and work with the developers is ongoing. Users of Round Cube Webmail systems should take steps to remove their systems from Internet access and/or implement additional controls for monitoring and protection. Removal of the script file is highly encouraged, though additional entry points may emerge in the future.

New versions of the application may not have the file present.

The current version of the attack is probing for the following files:







Our HoneyPoint deployment has been reconfigured to trap additional data about this threat and additional information may be available soon. The MSI technical team is working with our clients to ensure they are protected against this and other emerging threats. Our threat detection capability, provided to us by our HoneyPoint line of products gives us uniquely deep insight and visibility into bleeding edge threats. As always, we strive to use that knowledge to protect our clients and the Internet at large.

More information can be found on this issue by following @lbhuston and/or @honeypoint on Twitter. You can also check back on our blog or schedule a call with one of our team members if you have additional needs.

** Update: @around 2:30pm Eastern, the “Toata” bot-net added the signature to its scans as well. In less than 24 hours there are now at least 2 known bot-nets scanning for the issue. Any bets on how long it will take before “morfeus” scans for it too??? Also, note that the URL request from “Toata” has a double // typo in it….

** Another Update: Syhunt has added tests to Sandcat for the issue. They are now available via update mechanism for clients.