Wasp’s 0-Interface Design

A few people have asked me to elaborate on HoneyPoint Wasp’s (and HoneyPoint Agent’s) zero interface design. I’ll take a moment to explain what it is and how it works. Both Wasp and Agent are designed to be run on Windows systems as a “service”. Windows services run in the background on the system and usually do not have a graphical user interface.

With Wasp and Agent, we extended that concept to make them further transparent to the user by ensuring that no communication with the user of the system takes place. Unlike personal firewalls and most other information security, HoneyPoint does not have pop-up windows, user alerts or the like that occur on the Windows system. Instead, all alerts, security events and data are sent from the monitored system to the centralized Console. The Console then alerts the security team to incidents and security threats, without bothering the user at all.

The nicest thing about this design is that end users are never bothered with alerts and pop-ups that impact their work, cause help desk calls or interfere with their use of the system. In our experience, users usually don’t read the alerts or respond to the pop-ups anyway, so we spare them the noise. Instead, the security team can centrally monitor the Console and make decisions about when to act, contact the user or remove the computer from service based on what they see. This leads to better security choices overall, higher user productivity and vastly improved visibility for the security team.

The 0-interface design is a fantastic strength of HoneyPoint. It allows for the easy installation of a security tool that is all but invisible to the end-users of the system. It has no impact on user productivity, causes no spikes in help desk calls and requires no end-user training to deploy. Security teams get all of the positives of stronger visibility into the workstation world without any of these negatives, long associated with more traditional approaches.

Give HoneyPoint Wasp a try on your workstations and we think you’ll agree that 0-interface is the best way to go. Give us a call to discuss demo, schedule a pilot or to schedule a technical briefing. We look forward to showing you how HoneyPoint can help your organization have better security with far less hassle!

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