Chinese Military Cyber SA Special Edition ~ 1330Z23AUG2013

Good Morning Fans – it’s Friday;

Today’s Cyber SA is a special edition highlighting historical and very recent cyber military doctrine developments in the People’s Republic of China (中國人民共和國 ) military, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA)中國人民解放軍…

Enjoy this special edition…and while you do, ask yourself the question about why your over priced ‘cyber’ intel vendor didn’t show you these items yet…the fire them and contact the Red Dragon ~ 紅龍 @ MicroSolved…


Chang Wanquan: Hacker actions never supported by Chinese military – People’s Daily Online
今日利剑在手 明日缚住苍龙…
解放军画报…- Beijing Military Region to strengthen information technology division of qualified personnel
“Today, tomorrow, sword in hand defeats the restrained Black Dragon…”

Network Management Center of Nanjing Military Region Chen Yande – 南京军区某部网管中心 陈彦德
Unidirectional optical transmission cast “network shield”…单向光传输铸“网 盾”■新疆军区某部维修科科长 吴国龙
U.S. Department of Defense released the first copies of “cyberspace Action Strategy”
中國人民解放軍信 息战争网 络战…Chinese Military Information Warfare & Network Warfare circa…2008
In People’s Republic of China, ‘defaming cultural icons’ online can land you in jail | TechHive
Western defense firms refuse Chinese buyers to deter copycats
US Snubs Russia, People’s Republic of China Doesn’t
Airsea Battle VS Offshore Control: Can the US Blockade the People’s Republic of China?

Content-Based Mobile Edge Networking (CBMEN)

Anatomy of a brute force attack – how important is password complexity?

DDoS Attacks Used As Cover For Other Crimes – The Akamai Blog

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