Completed: The MSI Promise of “Finding a Better Way to Do Intrusion Detection”

With the release of our HoneyPoint:Network Trust Agent (HP:NTA) product this week, we have completed our promise to develop HoneyPoint technologies that are deployable throughout the entire organization. For more than two years, our clients and other security folks have been telling us that Intrusion Detection technologies were just not cutting it when it came to defending the internal network and the systems that you depend on to run your businesses. I personally and publically promised, last year, that I would find a better way forward and I now feel that we have lived up to that promise.

HP:NTA, along with the rest of the HoneyPoint product family, gives organizations a platform to deploy host-based intrusion detection built on an entirely new paradigm. The products require no signature updates, have no false positives to contend with, run on existing hardware and are based on the idea of “deploy and forget”. When you combine these factors, you get the highest ROI in the market today, the easiest solution to deploy and manage AND what I believe to be the best security mechanism you can buy.

One of the leading factors in HoneyPoint’s importance is that the technology detects intrusion earlier than most other technologies. By that, I mean that the idea of HoneyPoints tend to capture attackers, focused attackers, when they are still in their targeting mode. If you look at other dectective technologies like signature based tools, NIDS and such – they detect the attacker in the act of EXPLOITING a target. One of the key reasons that HoneyPoint has been so successful at capturing intruders and allowing their threats to be mitigated, is that HoneyPoints key in on the attacker methodology. They capture attackers while the attacker is performing their initial probes – even as they attempt to identify potentially vulnerable services and systems to exploit.

That simple difference, of capturing the attacker earlier in their approach, may well allow organizations to save themselves immense amounts of financial damages, regulatory exposures and loss of confidence. That alone, makes all of our work developing the HoneyPoint product family worth the effort. If we can help one organization better protect one consumer, then all of our work was worth it!

Now, with the release of HP:NTA, HoneyPoint Personal Edition and the flagship, revolutionary HoneyPoint Security Server we have created the tools that organizations deploy on their servers, their administrative workstations and even the systems of everyday users and road warriors. Each product is geared to the appropriate skill level of the user, and in each case – we made every attempt to keep the interfaces easy to use, easy to manage and easy to understand. The tools are all deployable en masse, upgradable with little more than file exchanges and include personalized support from our simply amazing staff of security engineers. In short, these products represent the completetion and embodyment of our promise to our clients and the world. We said we would find a better way, and we did. We said we would make it possible for you to better protect yourselves, more easily than ever before. We have lived up to our word.

Looking forward, as we complete the development of HoneyPoint Security Server 2.00, we are about to again revolutionize the industry. The 2.00 release promises to bring more power, more flexibility and even more customization to enable our clients and the world to achieve yet another security plateau. Our commitment to you is to listen to your needs, continue to develop HoneyPoint technologies and work together to find new solutions.

As the 2.00 release draws near, stay tuned for more information, sneak peeks and discussions about what other changes to the product line are being planned. As always, please feel free to send us your thoughts, questions or input.

Thanks for making MSI your security partner. We appreciate working with each and every one of you!

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