Final ITWorld Weekly Column

As I write this, I am sending my final weekly column over to ITWorld.

After more than six years, ITWorld and I decided to make some changes to the column and site and as a part of those changes, I will be moving my writing over to the blog and focusing on it more in the future.

ITWorld and MSI will continue to work together, and I will likely pop in on the security site from time to time with an occasional article, whitepaper or multi-media presentation. We will also continue to work together on other items as well. They are a great team, and we truly enjoy working with them on a regular basis.

Part of these changes are based on a new direction for the ITWorld site, and part of it is to allow me to focus more on new media work, like blogging and creating richer materials and content to further evangelize MSI and HoneyPoint technologies.

Look for more content here on the blog, more coverage and maybe even some site enhancements as I switch my focal point to be more centered on In the meantime, thanks for your patience, and if you are just coming over from the traditional column, please let me extend a big WELCOME and to point you to the archives. There are a lot of good topics there, and I can assure you a lot more to come.

As always, thanks for reading, in the past and in all of the days to come! You folks really make all of this possible, so Thank You!!!

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