HoneyPoint Helps You Do More With Less


We all know the economy is struggling right now. Budgets are tighter than ever and many companies are forced to find ways to do more with less. Even though cybercrime is on the rise, it doesn’t mean your organization has to suffer. Here are two ways HoneyPoint Products can help you increase efficiency in an economical way.

1) Avoid heavy customization tools – HoneyPoint comes “ready-to-go.” It can be customized but it isn’t necessary for it to work. It’s a great “plug-and-play” product. Once the HoneyPoint Security Server is deployed, attacks are tracked. The HoneyPoint strategy is simple, yet powerfully effective. HoneyPoints are flexible pseudo-server applications that are able to emulate thousands of real services such as web, email, database systems and others. Since these pseudo-services are not real applications, there is no reason for anyone to interact with them in any way. Thus, once deployed, any activity to a HoneyPoint is, by default, suspicious. Since attackers do their work by scanning for and examining services looking for vulnerabilities, the HoneyPoints lie in wait, trapping the attacker in the act of doing the exact thing that attackers seek to do – find vulnerable services!

2) Allow others to do the heavy lifting – Certain security tasks can be outsourced or automated. Sometimes an organization can decrease the total cost of ownership by having someone else do it. Why not allow MicroSolved, Inc. handle some of these security functions such as vulnerability assessment and penetration testing? Our experts can assess your policies, processes and network infrastructure against a variety of baselines including PCI DSS, FFIEC/NCUA/FDIC, NIST, ISO and other industry standard best practices. We routinely provide deep level penetration testing for clients who wish to get a real world view of their IT, network and physical security mechanisms. From blue team assessments to red team testing leveraging the latest techniques in social engineering and simulated attack, MSI’s experience and capabilities clearly separate us from our competition.

With a little creativity, we can all work smarter to not just survive, but thrive during these challenging days!

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