HoneyPoint Managed Service Now Available

The initial private launch is complete, and the public launch has begun. HoneyPoint Security Server is now available as a managed service!

HoneyPoints can be deployed as software on your internal existing servers and workstations or on our VMWare virtual appliance. We manage the console and deliver real time email alerts, support and advice on security incidents. Incident response consulting and handling help is also available at a reduced hourly rate to HP Managed Service clients.

In addition to leveraging the power of HoneyPoints and HornetPoints, you also get easy, automated monthly reporting to make your life as an IT administrator or security team member easier.

As a special introductory price for readers of the blog, our newsletter and friends of the firm, you can sign up now for HoneyPoint Managed Services for as low as $99.00 (US) per month. Plus, for being a supporter of MicroSolved and our efforts, we will waive the setup fee ($195.00 normally) if you join the program before the end of July, 2009!

Interested in putting the power of the HoneyPoint Hive to work for your organization? Give us a call (614-351-1237 x206) or drop us a line (info@microsolved.com) and learn more about how to get more security with the least amount of effort. We’ll be happy to share our success stories with you. We look forward to working with your team!

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