HoneyPoint Personal Edition and Network Trust Agent 1.10 Released

We have been getting large numbers of requests to try our HPPE and HP:NTA products, but up until no demo versions have been available. This is no longer true, effective today!

Users who would like to try out either or both of these leading edge products can download fully functional versions from our website. Both products will run for fifteen minutes at a time, then pop up a message advising you about how to obtain a key and quit. The products can be restarted as many times as you wish, with each execution running 15 minutes!

We hope this new capability really gives everyone a chance to explore, analyze and play with these amazing tools. The feedback from other users has been so strong that we have been very hard at work to find a way to offer them to everyone.

To check them out and begin securing your workstation with the power of HoneyPoints, click below, then click on the time limited demo link at the bottom of the page (no registration required):

HoneyPoint Personal Edition

HoneyPoint:Network Trust Agent

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