HoneyPoint Security Server Console Upgrade and New Deployment Worksheet Available

A new release of HoneyPoint Security Server Console was released today. Version 2.51 includes two bug fixes and several library upgrades. The new release seems to be a bit faster on Windows systems, likely due to upgrades in the back-end libraries.

The new version fixes a bug in the math of the email alerts to system administrators where the wrong event counts would be included. It also repairs a bug that caused a crash on some systems when changing the status of multiple events. While neither of these bugs are critical, we thought the speed changes were worth a release.

The new version also includes the recently updated User Guide that now includes full instructions for installing the HPoints as a service or daemon using common tools or the tools from the resource kit.

We are also pretty happy to announce the availability of a deployment worksheet that guides new users through the deployment of the console and HPoints and helps them gather and define the information needed to do a full roll out.

We are hard at work on new HPoints and we have several that are finishing the testing process, so stay tuned for more releases soon. Updates are also underway to the Personal Edition (including a whole new GUI) and we are just starting to plan for version 3 of the console, so if you have suggestions, send them in.

Both the updates and the deployment guide are now available on the FTP server. Please use your credentials assigned when you made your product purchase to download them. If you need assistance, simply give us a call!

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