HoneyPoint:Network Trust Agent Helps IT Team Identify Serious Network Hole

We got a great story this week from a user of HoneyPoint:Network Trust Agent (NTA). This user touched base with us to let us know how his NTA deployment on his laptop helped his security team identify a critical network hole.

His story started as usual, he had downloaded NTA after one of our conferences and installed it on his laptop. He felt very strongly that it gave him unique insights into how safe he was as he traveled around and used a variety of public wi-fi and other networks. Users often tell us stories of catching various worms and scans with the product as they work from coffee shops, airports and hotels. Sure enough, the logs he sent us also showed the capture of several PHP scans and some other “wormy” activity against his laptop. He included that he has become a strong believer in “when the light turns red, it is time to go”.

But, his logs also showed us something else. He confided that his laptop had “gone red” while he was using his corporate protected network. Since this was unusual, he notified his network administration team. They, in turn, inspected his laptop and pulled his NTA log. Aghast, they found that the log contained evidence that an Internet host had attempted a telnet connection to his box. That should not be possible, since the firewall should be blocking all inbound telnet attempts. After a short discussion, the admin team analyzed the firewall rules and found a misconfiguration problem. Over the previous weekend, one of the administrators had needed to allow a remote vendor to telnet into a network device for some maintenance, however, the admin is question had applied the wrong netmask to the ACL on the firewall. This had inadvertently exposed the entire internal network to telnet probes from the global public Internet!

Obviously, the admin team took immediate action to properly configure the firewall and teach the administrator in question the proper method for ACL creation. They also began to look for other signs of intrusion and to examine the logs of routers, switches and other systems that could have been exposed to compromise from the error. After they had done a careful review and knew that they were OK, they took the time to have the gentleman let us know about their experience and thank us for the helping hand. “That may be the best 10 bucks we ever spent!”, one of the team members exclaimed.

Do you have a good story about how one of the HoneyPoint products has helped you? Have you caught malicious inbound traffic on your laptop at a coffee shop? If so, let us know.

If you are interested in learning more about HoneyPoint:Network Trust Agent, Personal Edition or our critically acclaimed Security Server product for enterprises, please feel free to email us at info<_at_>microsolved.com or give us a call. We would love to talk with you about how honeypot technologies and our products in particular can help you create effective, efficient and affordable security controls throughout your environment!

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