Ignuma Overview

I spent a few minutes this morning looking at the newest release of Ignuma. If you aren’t familiar with it, it is another penetration testing framework, mostly focused on Oracle servers, but has plenty of other capabilities and front ends a number of fuzzing and host discovery tools.

The tool is written in Python and has both command line and GUI interfaces, including a QT-based GUI and a more traditional “curses-based” GUI. The tool is pretty easy to get working and adapts itself pretty well to some easy scans, probes and fuzzing. In the hands of someone with skills in vuln dev, this could be a capable tool for finding some new vulnerabilities.

The tools is written to be extendable and the Python code is easy to read. It is not overly well documented, but enough so that a proficient programmer could add in new modules and extend the capabilities of it pretty easily.

The tool is still in heavy development and it looks like it could be interesting over the next few months as it matures. Keep you eyes on it if you are interested in such things. You can find the latest version of Ignuma here.

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