Incident Reporting & Handling WorkFlows

I had an interesting conversation with a client today and they are planning to implement a web site that would give their internal employees a centralized resource for looking up how to report security incidents, building/facilities issues, HR problems, policy violations, etc.

They picture this as a web page with a list of phone numbers, intranet applications and other contact mechanisms for their staff to use to report issues. The conversation was around attempting to create a workflow or flowchart for decision making about how to report an issue and how to decide which contact method to use.

I know a few other organizations have created formal incident reporting and such for their employees. Would anyone care to share their decision trees or the like for incident handling and user training around this topic (sanitized, of course!)?

Thanks, in advance, for any insight on this. The client will be monitoring the thread and it may help others as well.

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