June Virtual Event Announced – Social Engineering Assessments Primer

We are proud to announce our June Virtual Event topic for the month. Please join us as we cover a primer for social engineering assessments and how they can assist you in securing your organization. As always, our virtual events are long on information and short on sales and spin. They are also FREE!


This presentation will cover the reasons why your organization should consider a social engineering assessment as a part of their routine security auditing processes. Examples of test scenarios will be given, along with ideas on scoping such tests. Further, ways to appropriately use the results and tips on presenting the identiļ¬ed issues to upper management will be discussed.

Date: Tuesday, June 26th at 4pm Eastern

To register for the presentation and to receive the PDF of the slides as well as the dial in number, please send email to info@microsolved.com with “June Virtual Event” or the like in the subject line.

Editors note: Sorry for the need to create a subject clarification, but we are holding several events this month including live and virtual versions of our State of the Threat presentations. If you need more info about those presentations, just ask. Thanks!

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