MicroSolved, Inc. Announces the Immediate Release of NED Alpha

That’s right! No longer do you have to spend days and nights worrying about the state of your network. No more fretting about your partners, security or other traditional concerns.

Today is the dawn of a new day for network engineers around the globe!

Want to know how your network is? ASK YOUR PACKETS!!!!!

MicroSolved’s revolutionary new product, code named, NED or Network Emotion Detector, will continually update you on the emotional health of your packets. If there’s a network problem, a security breach or if you happen to fall out of compliance with the Pennsylvania Concrete Institute’s (PCI) standards, your NED will immediately alert your team to the lack of happiness being experienced by your packets as they traverse the various public and private networks!


Even more powerful than the executive dashboard, the GUI can be operated near the data center hallway window, so passing executives can quickly identify the happiness quotient (TM) of your network. When they see NED smiling, they will know you are doing your job well. When NED is unhappy and your packets begin to show signs of sadness, they can quickly and easily purchase additional “emotional credits” through the handy interface. These emotional credits (ie: money) make your packets happy and joyous as they traverse the Intertubes.

If that were all NED did, it would still be the most powerful network emotional monitoring tool on the market, but we even take it one step further! Using NED’s soon to be copylefted capabilities, we create emotional tunnels for your packets to move back and forth with your peers. These “Virtual Private Hugs” (VPH) allow you and your business partners to mutually enjoy all the power of NED and emotional credits together. You can easily monitor the happiness of your partner’s packets and those that show emotional disparity, making VPH even more important for those folks. Lastly, NED features a peer-to-peer network monitoring mechanism that allows you to closely monitor the overall happiness level around the Cloud. That’s right, MSI is the first in the world to create Happiness as a Service (HaaS)(TM)!

Act now and you can get your own copy of NED for Windows FREE for a limited time. Download from here and start enjoying the ease and joy of NED from MSI. We hope you enjoy NED, “because packets need love too…”

Happy April Fools Day from your security partners at MicroSolved, Inc. We hope it made you smile. BTW – The download really runs. Windows only, for now…. :p

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