MicroSolved’s “Best Of” Security News July 10, 2009

What an interesting week! South Korea and the United States experienced attacks on computers with a nasty virus that supposedly today, erased data from computers that had not been updated with anti-virus software.

Korea DDOS virus mission shifts to destroying, erasing data

IBM researches rolled out new technology to mask sensitive data. Their approach differs from others in that it doesn’t make copies of the data and removes certain elements of it depending on who will be viewing it and their user rights to the data. The masking is done “on the fly.”

IBM Researchers Unveil New Data-Masking Technology

Apple is pretty quiet regarding all this issues that are starting to pop up with their brand spankin’ new iPhone 3GS. Everything from a shorter battery life to phones heating up, customers have been more than disappointed by all the hype regarding this latest version of the popular tech gadget. Security vulnerability sent up a red flag. (And I’m sure @lbhuston is very grateful now that he didn’t purchase the 3GS. As for me, I just signed a two-year contract in January, so I’m not budging, either.)

As Three Big iPhone Troubles Surface, Apple Dinged for Secrecy

What were some of the infosec stories this past week that caught your eye?

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