MSI Announces May Virtual Event – Corporate Counterintelligence

Corporate Counter Intelligence: Ancient Strategy,Bleeding-Edge Protection


The message is very clear. What we have been doing to secure information has not been working. Attackers are on the rise, the number of successful compromises is higher than before and all of the legislation and regulations just make things more complicated. Attackers continue to grow in number capability and sophistication.

The principles of corporate counterintelligence are rooted in the history of warfare. This presentation will explain how organizations can improve, simplify and increase the effectiveness of their information security programs. Using ancient principles and techniques based on the art of counter intelligence information security teams can become more strategic, focused their resources where they will achieve the highest return and reduce the risk that their organizations face.

MSI security visionary, Brent Huston, will explain how these techniques can be applied to your business and introduce specific strageties and tactics that you can deploy today. Explanations of how these evolutions in security thought can truly translate into faster, safer and more powerful protection for your organization will be revealed.

For more information, access to the visual and audio content for the presentation, simply email

The virtual event will be conducted Tuesday, May 20, 2008 at 4pm Eastern.

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