Revision of Twitter Strategy

OK, I spent the last week or so working on my Twitter capability. But, I have to say, after a week, Tim Ferriss’s strategy of not following people really seems to be limiting the capabilities that Twitter seems to bring to the table in terms of information aggregation, conversation and leveraged crowd sourcing on ideas. So, effective now, I will start to follow key people who add good rapport, valuable information and good conversation.

Again, if you are interested in following me on Twitter, you can find me at

I will continue to tweak out how I use Twitter and see if I can find a good leverage point for the tool. The more I learn, the more I will report back here, in the hopes of eventually being able to build a methodology of sorts….

Thanks again for reading the blog, tolerating the noise and being interested. Blogging and Twittering rank right up there with public speaking in my book. Being able to speak, teach and work with the public is one of the things that truly makes me “The Luckiest Guy In The World”(TM)…..

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