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Well, the initial round of metrics are in. Organizations that have changed the way they think about information security can seriously benefit from changing the way they use NIDS (if they use them at all) and embracing the evolution in information security that HoneyPoint represents. Here are some pretty amazing metrics that have come back from our clients:


Customers who have continued to use NIDS have been able to cease daily monitoring of the alerts and relegate the NIDS to basically being a forensics tool when odd events occur.

Customers who combined our technology with a high signal, low noise log monitoring tool (such as OSSEC) have seen the largest return on investment and simplification.


Basically, when compared with a FREE NIDS (like Snort) using a registered rule set (with a 30 day delay), clients still achieved total cost of ownership savings of 50% by eliminating signature updates, IDS/IPS tuning and management human costs. The elimination of false positives and drastic reduction of events to process (from 5-18K per day) to less than 20 actual events per month, on average also aided these savings. The time savings they reported on average was about 90% per full time employee engaged in security monitoring!

Customers had nothing but praise for HoneyPoint’s strategy, performance and commitment to “deploy and forget” security.

That’s right! Let me recap that again: TCO reduction of 50% and time reduction of 90%! — Better security with less time and money…

The numbers increase significantly from there when compared with commercial (pay for play) software and managed services from a variety of companies. A couple of clients who were using commercial software managed services to try and manage their internal security were able to save between $30K and $82K in their first year with HoneyPoint and then up to $95,000 per year in subsequent years!

The last key point we have taken away from the quick summary of the interviews we have done so far is the amount of respect that the approach, strategy and implementation has earned from regulatory auditors. They have examined the product very thoroughly and done very deep reviews of the both the strategy and the capabilities. The outcome of these regulatory reviews, to date, have been excellent. Regulators have seemed to appreciate the forward thinking and the payoff that customers are receiving. Feedback has been excellent and continues to make us very proud of the work that we and our clients have done to bring HoneyPoint to market.

We will be putting together a more formal way to demonstrate these numbers in the near future. Our use cases and the attack results that we have been able to capture continue to come in and some simply amaze us! Stay tuned for more details as we finish analyzing the interviews and the use cases.

If your organization is interested in trying HoneyPoint and is willing to be a use case or public reference, we would like to talk to you. Deep discounts are available to firms who are willing to engage in this manner with us and we are certainly looking for more verticals outside of our existing markets. Give us a call if you would like to discuss it!

BTW – customers using HoneyPoint Security Server and HornetPoints exposed to the Internet have achieved some significant reduction is scans, probes and attacks by leveraging both “defense fuzzing” and our “one strike and you’re out black hole” approach. Let us know if you would like to hear more about how these strategies and tactics can reduce your Internet risk.

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