Security Tips for a Safer 2009

2008 is quickly evaporating and 2009 is on the horizon. The first few days of the new year always feel fresh, like a newly washed blackboard, ready for new thoughts and ideas. This is an excellent time to plan how you want to secure your organization’s most precious and sensitive data. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Protection – Start a spreadsheet log that not only lists all your electronic assets (laptops, mobile phones) but the names and dates of who has them. This will save you the stress of trying to figure out who had the laptop last week.
  2. Destruction – Do you regularly shred? Do you have a schedule to keep you on track to regularly shred? Don’t let dumpster diving thieves get your data. Shred and shred often.
  3. Cell Phone Mania – The ubiquitous cell phone is often in danger simply because of the sensitive information that is on it. Think of a pop star’s cell phone getting stolen and everyone prank called. Now think of a thief getting a cell phone and snagging that credit card information of a new client. Get your stable of cell phones password-protected and avoid keeping financial or private information on it.
  4. Information – It’s all about the data. As much as you may suffer from information-overload, it’s important to take stock of what exactly is on a laptop in case it is lost. Make lists and check on them regularly for updates.
  5. Out with the old, in with the new – Whenever you buy new equipment and toss the old, don’t allow it to sit collecting dust in the back room. If your organization experienced a burglary, there would be a serious breach of confidentiality if those old hard drives were stolen. Find a reputable company to dispose of your outdated equipment safely and efficiently.

Employ some of these tips or all, and your organization is guaranteed to have a much safer 2009!

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