The 5 Big C’s Of Fail

From Brent Huston’s recent webinar, “How To Create A Threat-Centric Focus For Your Information Security Initiatives”:

Want to know why many information security programs are failing today? Yesterday, on our webinar, we got a lot of feedback on these issues and most folks agreed on these causes. A few said it was high time some one said what we did. For those of you who want to know why the attackers are winning, here is quick summary of the slide that caused all of the rukus on the webinar. Wanna see what all of the fuss was about? Drop us a line if you would like to be in the next session or stay tuned for a video of the talk in the next couple of weeks!

As always, thanks for the feedback. We are glad you enjoyed the talk and we look forward to giving it more often. It’s time we all started talking candidly about the problems we face and the real reasons that attackers are winning the race!

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