The technology the People’s Republic of China wants in order to catch up with Western militaries

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Red-DragonRising‘s insight:

中華人民共和國 + 中國人民解放軍 = US Military Technology Intellectual Property Loss due to Chinese Cyber Espionage….

This report by Foreign Policy Magazine is excellent – albeit a little late…if the correspondents from FP had attended the Zhuhai Airshow last October (2012) in Guangzhou, People’s Republic of China (中華人民共和國) they would know that the US military intellectual property horse has left the barn…already…the People’s Republic of China State Owned Enterprises (SOE)  military aircraft manufacturers were showcasing attack helicopters which looked very much like the Apache attack helo made by Boeing; or the various and sundry drones with Chinese PLA (中國人民解放軍)

markings on them…if you want more details about the extent of the Chinese military intellectual property theft that has already taken place contact me here @ State of Security…


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PS – US Defense contractors who have already lost intellectual property to Chinese SOEs will soon learn that the Chinese military (中國人民解放軍) is selling advanced US military technology to countries and miscreant nation states that cannot be accessed by US defense contractors due to sensitive military export restrictions…

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