Using TigerTrax During the Pre-Negotiation Phase of an M&A

Throughout my career, I have worked for organizations that have purchased and integrated 4 companies. The acquired companies ranged from an organization with revenues of less than $3 million per year to a publicly traded company with annualized revenues of almost $1 billion. While the acquisitions all carried their own set of challenges, they remain among the highlights of my career.

Unfortunately, TigerTrax did not exist while I was working to integrate the IT systems of the aforementioned organizations. However, if it did, the entire process would have been significantly easier to manage. Our clients frequently leverage TigerTrax during each phase of the M&A process. However, I think they find the most value during the pre-negotiation phase. TigerTrax has helped our clients identify everything from an organization’s breach history to employee morale. All of this valuable intelligence can be obtained before an offer is made.

Here are a few other ways that TigerTrax is commonly used during the pre-negotiation phase of an M&A:

  • Using data obtained during a passive network assessment to help understand the security posture and technology footprint of the organization
  • Identifying whether the organization has been recently targeted by attackers or is demonstrating any indicators of compromise
  • Obtaining a list of key players associated with the company along with determining whether or not they are affiliated with any organizations or activities that could harm your company’s reputation
  • Discovering any legal, reputational, financial or operational risks associated with the prospective company

If you have any questions about how you can levere TigerTrax to gather intelligence to help reduce the risk associated the M&A lifecycle, feel free to contact us by emailing <info> at

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