April Virtual Event – Evangelizing Security to Upper Management


This presentation will explain several techniques that have successfully been used to help upper management understand the information security initiative in several organizations. Overall strategies and specific tactics for gaining upper management support will be identified. The audience can use these techniques to gain, maintain and ensure rapport with upper management, establish and reinforce the value of the security team and to demonstrate the value of including the security team in business operational decisions and planning.

This virtual event will be held Wednesday, April 30th 2008 at 4pm Eastern time. You can get access to a PDF of the slides and the phone number and passcode for the audio portion by sending an RSVP email to info@microsolved.com.

For those unable to attend, the slides and an MP3 of the audio portion will be made available following the presentation.

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I am the CEO of MicroSolved, Inc. and a security evangelist. I have spent the last 20+ years working to make the Internet safer for everyone on a global scale. I believe the Internet has the capability to contribute to the next great leap for mankind, and I want to help make that happen!

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