Awareness Forum Launched for MSI Customers

We are proud to announce the immediate availability of a complimentary site that is dedicated to the offering clients of MSI a source for quality information security materials.

The site is located at and requires a login and password for access. The accounts, which are free or charge, are available to those organizations who have been customers of MSI in the last 12 months and will remain valid as long as the organization is a client within 12 months. Simply sign up at the site for an account and you should be validated shortly.

Once you have activated your login, the site offers an online forum for the discussion of information security awareness topics and the relevant strategies that can be used to build security awareness. The account also allows you to download PDF posters, articles, podcasts and other materials produced by MSI for use in supporting your security awareness efforts.

The materials, which may be reproduced and used at no charge, are branded with the MSI logo and such, but can also be customized and branded to your organization for a small additional fee.

New content will be added to the site regularly. The content is already divided into end user, consumer, developer, executive and technical audience targets. A variety of formats, designs and materials are planned for the coming months on the site.

Brent Huston, our CEO had this to say about the new site: “I truly believe that security awareness is a critical part of any security program. The general user populace must be educated about making better decisions concerning online risk and even IT practitioners can benefit from ongoing security education. I really think this is a way that MSI can give back to our clients for all of their trust and belief in our firm over the years! ”

Constance Matthews, Account Executive with MSI added “Clients have been asking me about awareness solutions for their company for a long time, but we were really committed to finding a strong solution for our customers and to finding an inventive approach that really increased the value of our work. I’m confident that these multi-media tools will help our clients achieve meaningful growth in their security awareness initiatives.”

Sign up today for an account on the site and we look forward to hearing from you on the forum. Please give us any feedback and as always, thanks for choosing MSI as your information security partner!

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I am the CEO of MicroSolved, Inc. and a security evangelist. I have spent the last 20+ years working to make the Internet safer for everyone on a global scale. I believe the Internet has the capability to contribute to the next great leap for mankind, and I want to help make that happen!

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