Book About PERL for Problem Solving

One of the essential tech skills I am always on the prowl for is a way to use technology to solve a complicated problem. Of course, one of the most useful ways to do this is to learn and apply simple programming skills. PERL is one of those scripting languages that is easy to get on a basic level, but it offers so much additional capability and complexity that it would take a literal lifetime to truly “master”.

But, the wonderful thing about PERL is its amazing capability in simplicity. You can take a few basic PERL legos and really make some wonderful things to increase the ease of your life and work. This book, <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Wicked Cool Perl Scripts</a>, is chocked full of examples of just how to apply some basic PERL to real world problems. Check it out if you are a fan of PERL and want to automate things from work, to your news and RSS feeds to your World of Warcraft gaming. PERL is not only easy and cool, but also fun!

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