Changing the World….Again!

In the last couple of years since we launched the HoneyPoint family of products, it has been an interesting experience. I have learned the joys and hardships of marketing a security software product. I have tried to make myself heard in an overcrowded and noisy marketplace. I would do it all over again, because HoneyPoint is the right idea and the right thing to do.

Now, MSI is again out to change the world. This week, we are launching a new release of HoneyPoint Security Server Console and officially releasing the long awaited HoneyPoint Trojan. Using these new tools, security teams can now create friendly Trojans that report information back to them whenever they are used. Security teams can gather when people access data that they should not and they can track data, documents and other pseudo-information around the world. That means that if you make jet engines, you can drop these Trojans on your file servers and anonymous FTP sites and then proceed to learn more about where they propagate!

But, that isn’t even the big news. The big deal is a new enhancement to HoneyPoint Security Server called HornetPoint. HornetPoints are the world’s first implementation of what we call “defensive fuzzing”. Like normal HoneyPoints, these pseudo-services listen on IP ports and wait for network contact. Just like HoneyPoints, they then capture the source and content of those transactions and report them to the central server. HoneyPoints, of course are often deployed to create an enterprise honeypot.

But, unlike normal HoneyPoints, HornetPoints are not a passive defense. Instead of replying with normal and expected data, the HornetPoints fuzz the expected data and mutate it into random and unexpected ways. The result is that a high number of attacker tools, worms, scanners and bot-net tools crash when the mutated data is received. Thus, HornetPoints, actively defend themselves and the network of their owners. Unlike more traditional defenses, HornetPoints don’t just guard against attacks – they break attackers and their tools!

We are just starting to populate the web site with information on these new versions and enhancements to the HoneyPoint product line. Over the next several days, we will make the new versions available and get the updated marketing added to the web site. In the meantime, if you are interested in hearing more about these new capabilities and the evolution from security to Corporate Counter Intelligence, just give us a call.

A special thanks is due from the MSI staff to those who have supported us during this process. Thanks to all of the folks who have urged us to complete the enhancements and to those who have helped challenge us to again rise to a new level. Things are certainly changing and we are all very proud to be a part of the next evolution of information security! We promise, we will continue to work hard to bring the best bleeding-edge protection and insights to all of you. As always, thanks so much for believing in us and in choosing MSI as your security partner!

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