Creative Uses of Video for Quick and Easy Awareness

Are you looking for an effective mechanism to help your staff stay alert against laptop theft during the holidays and such? Here is a quick suggestion.

Take an iPhone, iPod or other video and shoot a quick 30 second piece about a laptop getting stolen. Have your own team star in it. Keep it quick, light and humorous. Maybe show your CEO in a panic when she realizes her laptop is missing, or a shot of your IT manager in a hoodie grabbing a laptop from the lunchroom and running. Make it over the top and funny, then close with a serious message about how quickly laptops can be stolen, how you should never leave them in a car or such without locking them in the trunk and other stuff you want the users to know.

Close with how they should tell you if they have lost a laptop and who they should call.

That’s it. Keep it home video looking, don’t worry about production quality or any of that. Quick and dirty videos are the way of the new web, so think more YouTube than MGM.

Now, send your video out, or a link to it, and let your employees make suggestions for future episodes. Everyone who submits a suggestion gets entered into a drawing for movie tickets. Easy, affordable and effective.

Who knows, you may not get an Oscar, but you might just save yourself from a data breach. Either way, it will be fun and educational.

Enjoy and don’t hesitate to call us if you need help with the video, ideas or need more information about laptop encryption or other security measures. We are here to help and can get you through most laptop security issues with ease!

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