E-Voting Follow Up

I think the presentation at TechColumbus went well. The crowd seemed into it and their questions, comments and feedback were good. Sorry to the person I had to shutdown during the talk – but we had a time limit and such for the presentation and we had to keep from getting on a tangent.

Overall the e-voting summary was that yes, the systems are broken. Yes, they have vulnerabilities. But, we know what many of them are and we know what many of the exploits look like when performed. The Secretary of State has implemented process controls and new techniques for monitoring and detection of many of the attacks that EVEREST identified. Even though the system might be less than perfect – YOU SHOULD STILL GET OUT AND VOTE.

Thanks to Terry Dick, the Ohio Secretary of State’s Office, TechColumbus, Platform Labs, Mike Krippendorf and David Garcia for the help with the presentation. Special thanks to the rest of the EVEREST team, without everyone’s dedication to the cause, it would not have been as successful as it was. Extra special thanks to those who attended, without you guys, we are just strangers talking to ourselves in a dark room!

Here’s hoping everyone has a nice weekend.

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