Have an Application or a Device on the Market — We Will Test Its Security Posture

Just a reminder about our lab services for those organizations that may be interested. Part of what has made MSI famous over the years is the extensive work we have done around application and device security. Our lab has tested everything from traditional software to ultra-modern web applications and all kinds of hardware from appliance firewall and server loads to bio-metric systems, check scanners and, of course, the voting systems!

In the past we have served as security testing labs for operating systems, appliance applications, consumer electronics, various financial products and a ton of consumer-facing software tools. Many vendors have chosen us as partners for application/device-based risk assessments, product testing, vulnerability management and penetration testing. We have even done some heavy testing of data destruction systems in conjunction with another lab who was testing data recovery capabilities.

Our lab has also been used by Information Security and ITWorld magazines for reviews, technology analysis and vendor evaluations. We have extensive experience in reviewing products for client companies, performing/managing vendor product bake-offs and leveraging our publicly acclaimed processes for proactive threat modeling to help companies spend their IT and infosec budget dollars as wisely as possible.

Our team loves to learn about, play with and exploit new technologies and products. They are continually involved in analysis of various products and projects. We are now accepting a few new projects for lab review and testing for the 4th quarter, so if you or your company are interested in establishing security as a differentiator for your product or having your new web-application branded with our labs SecureAssure logo, get in touch with an account executive as soon as possible. We only accept a few new products every quarter due to our schedule and the intensity of our process and those slots usually fill up very very quickly.

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