HoneyPoint Personal Edition Key Change in Upcoming Versions

Please be aware that new versions of HPPE in the works will be using a new key mechanism. The current key mechanism appears to have fallen prey to piracy and a key has been identified in several “WAREZ” distribution sites. It appears that the current key that was leaked was made public after the software was awarded as a prize at a local public IT event. We have received several reports of web sites hosting the current version of the software with the leaked key and of several torrents floating about the Internet.

Thanks to those who reported the issue and who alerted us to the presence of the leaked key. We urge any illicit users to register their software and purchase a valid copy from our site here. Your continued support of the product will allow us to continue to improve the product.

While software piracy is regrettable, we of all people, know that essentially any type of software license can be defeated. We have and will continue to make our software licenses as convenient for our customers as possible. In our opinion, ease of use is key!

Please note that HPSS keys are unaffected as the product is licensed using an entirely different mechanism that is host specific. HPPE licenses depend solely on a custom generated numeric key sequence.

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