Expect More Worms

The team at PandaLabs has discovered an application that converts any given executable into a worm. Apparently originating in Spain the tool allows a user to wrap any executable in worm code using a simple GUI interface. There are options for enabling Mutex, UPX compression, and disabling various operating system components. We will continue to see these types of tools lower the technical threshold of attackers and increase the number of malicious agents increase in the wild.

Security practitioners need to continue to assist their clients in developing defense in depth strategies that will reduce risk and exposure to these threats. Key elements to address would be identifying key at risk assests, moving towards enclave computing and adding more rigorous security testing of Internet facing applications (slowing their deployment if necessary). The need for security awareness training that is both engaging and current will continue to increase.

For more details on the tool itself you can visit:  http://pandalabs.pandasecurity.com/archive/T2W-_2D002D003E00_-Trojan-to-Worm.aspx

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