HoneyPoint Security Server Gets Easier & More Powerful

For more than a year and a half now we have been traveling the world, talking about HoneyPoints and the fundamental change that this technology represents to providing internal network security and threat detection. What a long road it has been…

Over the last 18 months, we have had an incredible amount of success in capturing emerging theats, helping companies spot compromises and evaluate their attackers. We have learned a lot about internal attack motivations and mechanisms and we have seen first-hand the power of HoneyPoints to really free organizations from the overhead and false-positive nightmares that signature-based Intrusion Detection has come to represent.

Today, we take another step forward. Today, we are proud to announce the availability of the newest version of HoneyPoint Security Server. Based on client feedback and expert security insight, we have evolved the basic HoneyPoint premise to a new level. Today’s release includes a complete re-write of the console and further expands our ability to integrate into existing monitoring and SIM infrastructures as well as offering organizations without SIM a robust and full lifecycle HoneyPoint event management system!

The new console features a back-end database with roles and event management plus it also includes integrated trending and reporting. The new plugin interface, included with the release, allows users and MSI to design new and exciting features for event management, automated responses and alerting without changes to the core code – or the need for upgrades. Centralized ignore host configuration, HoneyPoint inventory and enhanced event clarity are also key points of refinement in the new version.

But, among the most exciting news about this new HoneyPoint release, is the availability of new, deeper HoneyPoints for emulating additional services and applications. New HoneyPoints, console plugins and configurations are planned over the next few weeks as MSI continues to increase the power and flexibility of the product.

Stay tuned for some new information about online resources, newly available tools and other supporting materials as they emerge over time. Our plan is to continue to spread the word, evangelize this change in tactics and to keep telling the world that there is a better way to secure your internal networks – without management overhead and without the false postives that keep you from focusing on your real threats.

To find out more about version 2 of HPSS or more about why we truly believe that we ARE going to “change the world”, simply give us a call or drop us line. We would be happy to share the message with you!

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