Increases in Attack and Probe Traffic Likely

With the official release of MetaSploit 3 occurring today, look for a likely increase in scans and probes associated with the tool and it’s 117 exploits. To date, MetaSploit accounts for a large percentage (some 75-80%, we believe) of manual attack traffic to our HoneyPoints.  It is widely adopted and easily used to compromise systems.

If you have not had a vulnerability assessment recently, now might be the time to get one underway and get some mitigations in place. The more publicity this tool gets, the more attack traffic that everyone will likely encounter in the coming few weeks.

This version of MetaSploit looks to be a very powerful upgrade, and there are a lot of tools built in for professional security testers, researchers and others. Modules for host identification, Denial of Service testing and all kinds of goodies are here. How those get used in the future, and whether or not they lead current script kiddies down the path of enlightenment and knowledge, remains to be seen.

In the meantime, get ready for some packet, network stream, log and IDS analysis. As the underground learns the new version, some of us are likely to be caught in the crossfire…

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