Increases in PHP Scanning

We are detecting increasing PHP scans for a series of known PHP vulnerabilities that thus far are originating from Asia.

To date, we see no new attacks, just checks for known bad pages, particularly admin interfaces and a couple of quick URLs to test for command injections. The scans seem to have begun in the last 24 hours and the traffic appears to be related to a possible new PHP scanner. Likely, some new tool has been released that contains a plethora of PHP vulnerabilities.

Organizations should ensure that any systems offering PHP or PHP applications have been properly assessed and patched.

HoneyPoint Security Server users are urged to deploy a web HoneyPoint or HornetPoint and to drop the hosts performing the scans into your firewall or router black hole lists. This should allow you to create a “one strike and you’re out” approach for black holing attacking systems.

Please let us know if you see any new PHP activity. We are currently watching this pattern for any zero-day type activity, but thus far, we have observed only known security issues. being probed.

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