Infosec Tricks & Treats

Happy Halloween!

This time around, we thought we’d offer up a couple of infosec tricks and treats for your browsing pleasure. Around MSI, we LOVE Halloween! We dress up like hackers, bees and hippies. Of course, we do that most other days too… 🙂

Here are a couple of tricks for you for this Halloween:

Columbia University gives you some good tricks on how to do common security tasks here.

University of Colorado gives you some password tricks here.

and The Moneypit even provides some tricks on cheap home security here.  

And now for the TREATS!!!!!

Here are some of our favorite free tools from around the web:

Wireshark – the best network sniffer around

Find your web application vulnerabilities with the FREE OWASP ZED Attack Proxy

Crack some Windows passwords to make sure people aren’t being silly on Halloween with Ophcrack

Actually fix some web issues for free with mod_security

Grab our DREAD calculator and figure out how bad it really is.. 🙂

Put those tricks and treats in your bag and smile. They won’t cause cavities and they aren’t even heavy enough to keep you from running from the neighborhood bully looking to steal your goodies! 

Thanks for reading and have a fun, safe and happy Halloween! 

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