Injection Attacks – Not Just for SQL Anymore!

Over the last several months security researchers have been identifying more and more scenarios for performing injection style attacks against various applications.

What is interesting about this is that many of the new injection issues have little to do with SQL. In fact, protocols like LDAP and SSI along with various forms of command injections, code injections and response spoofing have proven to be targets for this family of input attacks.

In a recent article about a new version, called MX Injections, techniques for attacking and compromising various web-based mail applications are disclosed. Using these types of exploits could prove a serious danger to organizations – exposing their internal communications and data stores to attackers, or even allowing compromise of underlying systems (depending on what the data stores contain.)

Given the focus of attackers on new application layer techniques such as these, every organization should quickly identify their existing exposed applications and ensure that those systems have been appropriately tested for various injection issues. Additionally, since these techniques are continually evolving, a system of ongoing application testing is likely to be the most effective tool for protecting against these emerging threats.

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