MX Injection Testing Available

In reference to the previous post, our partner Syhunt has added MX injection testing capabilities to their Sandcat product. Of course, this is in addition to the thousands of other tests already being performed by the tool.

Sandcat is an excellent tool for performing checks of web servers, web applications and such for potential and known vulnerabilities.

MSI is proud to represent Syhunt in the United States, and we use Sandcat as a powerful addition to our toolkit. If you would like more information about Sandcat or MX Injection, please call your MSI account executive and schedule a time for a technical briefing with an engineer.

MX and other injection vulnerabilities are an emerging risk, and more information will be coming over the next several weeks and months as various tools, techniques and products in the security community begin to evaluate product lines and software applications common to most organizations. Stay tuned for more on this family of issues as it becomes available.

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