Insider SQL Injection

While much improvement and awareness of SQL injections as an attack vector has been applied to Internet-facing applications, there remains a large set of vulnerable applications on internal networks. Our technical team often identifies large amounts of serious and easy to exploit SQL injection vulnerabilities on our internal assessments and penetration tests. While many organizations have begun to focus on network and OS threats for their business networks, application layer attacks remain unattended to in many cases.

“Our success level in obtaining customer sensitive data during internal tests remain very high.”, said Adam, penetration testing team leader of MSI. “Even as people have begun to patch their systems, finally, injections prove to be a critical weakness. To make matters worse, these internals web-apps often hold the keys to kingdom, so to speak, so they are a very attractive target for our testing team.”, Adam added.

“If it seems like a client is patched to current levels, then we know to check for injections.” claimed Nathan, penetration tester for MSI. “Throw a simple tick into forms and the vulnerable ones ‘shine like a crazy diamond’. From there, we are a few quick steps from compromise!”, Nathan exclaimed.

Adam and Nathan both agree that organizations really need to pay attention to injections and other web application vulnerabilities on their internal networks. Given the threats of insider attacks, this remains a significant risk. “Even applying the basic techniques that they have achieved success with outside on the Internet would help. They just have to teach developers that internal apps matter as much, if not more, than Internet apps.” added Adam.

At MSI, our teams go well beyond the “scan and report” that so many vendors call a “penetration test”. We perform active exploitation and leverage those vulnerabilities to identify the true depth of the security issues we find, in addition to the width that comes from vulnerability assessment. Our approach, experience and methodology create the clearest and most realistic view of your security issues available. From normal OS exploits to SQL injections and bleeding edge threat vectors, our team brings unique capabilities to the table and our award-winning reporting ensures that the clarity carries through to the board room.

To learn more about internal network assessments, or to receive some free technical training tools about SQL injections, please give us a call or drop us a line/comment. We look forward to helping your team better secure your own internal web apps and other attack targets against compromise.

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