IT Compliance and Controls by James J. DeLuccia, IV

  IT Compliance and Controls: Best Practices for Implementation is a timely book that takes a good look at IT internal controls and answers the question, “How much is enough?” Along with providing protection for their organizations, the CIO/CTO needs to address compliance issues identifying appropriate controls and its relationship with the global market. Author James J. DeLuccia, IV presents field-tested ideas forged from the fires of direct experience with clients who are daily hammering out their technology to become competitive business models.  

    DeLuccia lays a foundation by examining the importance of internal IT controls defining US government oversight measures. He then explains why silo IT strategy wastes time and resources, offering a better solution in having an IT enterprise control environment.

     The third section of the book covers implementation, focusing on risk analysis, technology strategy orchestration, life cycle management, access and authorization,  and other areas. Available through Amazon for an affordable $40. A very useful book for the CIO, CTO, IT auditors, audit managers, and IT managers.

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