June’s Touchdown Task: EVA Coverage Check

The touchdown task for June is to perform a quick and dirty check of your ongoing external vulnerability assessment. By now, you should have your Internet facing systems assessed each month, with weekly or daily checks applied to critical systems. If you aren’t having your systems assessed for vulnerabilities in an ongoing manner, get that process started. MSI can assist you with this, of course. 

But, the task for June is to check and make sure that ALL of your public Internet facing systems, interfaces and devices are being assessed. Sometimes new systems might get added to the public IP space without making it into your assessment plan. Take an hour and check to make sure all the devices you know of are covered by the assessment. Do some quick ping/port scanning to make sure you are getting coverage and nothing has snuck in that is being missed. Give your assessment process a quick review and make sure that it is running on the proper IP spaces or lists and that the reports are as you expect.

Until next month, stay safe out there! 

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