MSI Releases DNS Doberman to the Public

Now your organization can have a 24/7 guard dog to monitor key DNS resolutions and protect against the effects of DNS cache poisoning, DNS tampering and other resolution attacks. Our tool is an easy to use, yet quite flexible and powerful solution to monitoring for attacks that have modified your (or your upstream ISPs’) resolutions for sites such as search engines, software updates, key business partners, etc.

DNS Doberman is configured with a set of trusted host names and IP address combinations (yes, you can have more than one IP per host…) which are then checked on a timed basis. If any of your monitored hosts returns an IP that the DNS Doberman doesn’t trust – then it alerts you and your security team. It supports a variety of alerting methods to support every environment from home users to enterprises.

You can learn more about the tool and download the FREE version from the link below. The FREE version is completely useable and if it suits your needs, you are welcome to continue to use it indefinitely. The FREE version is restricted to 5 hosts and only checks each host once per hour. Registered users ($99.95) will receive support, minor version upgrades and the ability to check an unlimited number of hosts every 15 minutes!

To learn more or get your copy today, please visit the MSI main web site, here.

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