MSI Strategy & Tactics Talk Ep. 13: SCADA & Handling Threats In a Post-Stuxnet World

SCADA is becoming a hot property among security professionals who work with Industry Control Systems (ICS). During this discussion, our team tackles how to view threats and respond accordingly. Discussion questions include:

  • How can organizations get their heads wrapped around what it takes to secure a modern SCADA/Business environment hybrid?
  • What happened to the air gap approach that we hear so many SCADA history folks talk about? Why did that model break down? Why can’t we go back to it?
  • What happens to threats against SCADA/ICS as mobile integration, smart grid components and other disruptive technologies come online?
  • How can SCADA/ICS security teams engage with other security professionals and each other?

Brent Huston, CEO, Founder, and Security Evangelist
Adam Hostetler, Network Engineer and Security Analyst
Phil Grimes, Security Analyst
John Davis, Risk Management Engineer
Mary Rose Maguire, Marketing Communication Specialist and moderator

Click the embedded player to listen. Or click this link to access downloads. Stay safe!

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