Operation Anaconda: Putting the Squeeze on the Insider Threat

Organizations today are facing increased pressure to combat the “insider threat”. More and more compromises are occurring from “inside the secure perimeter”. The financial crisis, exploding use of mobile technologies, surges in bot-net infections and capabilities plus a myriad of other conditions are only making the problem more urgent. This condition exists across market verticals and it doesn’t matter whether you are charged with protecting national secrets, bank account information, credit card data or whatever, the insider is still the most dangerous threat of all.

At MicroSolved, we know that this is the most serious issue facing organizations today. We know that the threat is real, that budgets are tightening and that all of us will have to do more with less. We also know that as the economy worsens, data thieves, bot-herders and industrial espionage attacks will become more common.

Today, we have begun a special project – called Operation Anaconda. The purpose of this project is to study the problem of insider threats, identify rational approaches to reducing the risk of insider attacks and develop additional products, services, knowledge-based documents, methodologies and public information to help all of us better protect our businesses, data and assets from threats that originate inside our organizations. We don’t claim to have all of the answers, and we know that the risk can never reach zero, but we dedicate ourselves to finding better solutions to the problem than those that are common today.

“Normally, these kinds of press releases and articles are done in conjunction with new products or service offerings,” said Brent Huston, Security Evangelist (and CEO) of MicroSolved, Inc. “but we wanted to let customers and organizations know that we have heard them when they told us what was hurting them. We heard them and we are committed to doing our part to making that pain go away!”

“Over the next several months, you will see a plethora of articles, tools, techniques, products, services and approaches targeted at solving this problem. Our company will lead the way in identifying what works, what doesn’t and how to reduce the insider risk AND the security budget at the same time. Solutions have to be out there, and together, we will find them.” vowed Huston.

MicroSolved is currently building a project plan and forming study groups around facets of the problem. If you or your team would like to participate in one of the public study groups or discussions, please feel free to contact us. We will make more logistics known as the groups firm up their agendas. Stay tuned to http://www.stateofsecurity.com for more information and please feel free to comment on Operation Anaconda or responses to the insider threat. Thanks for reading and feel free to spread the word!

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I am the CEO of MicroSolved, Inc. and a security evangelist. I have spent the last 20+ years working to make the Internet safer for everyone on a global scale. I believe the Internet has the capability to contribute to the next great leap for mankind, and I want to help make that happen!

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