Playing with VoIP Hopper

I have spent just a little time playing with VoIP Hopper, which was updated in mid-February. Thus far, this seems like a pretty useful tool for doing penetration testing and enumeration of your VLAN segments and VoIP deployments.

The tool is very capable. It can easily help you scan your installations with CDP discovery and can be very useful in testing VLAN architectures for common security holes.

It is a command line tool written in C, but you should have no problem compiling it in your favorite Linux environment. It even works nicely on a default BackTrack install, so it playing with it should be easy on your lab schedule.

There has been a lot of attention paid to VoIP security over the last couple of years and this is certainly a nice quick and dirty tool for looking around your install. It also sheds a little light on the mistaken idea that some service providers like to pretend is the gospel – VLANs really won’t keep your VoIP secure. You can use this tool to prove them wrong if they just won’t listen to reason…

Play nice with it and make sure you only use it in the lab or on authorized networks…

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