Prep for Election Day

With election day on tomorrow’s dawn, now might be a good time to prep yourself for the coming tasks.

1) Make sure you have your ID, driver’s license or other documentation that may be required to vote in your state.

2) Take the time to prepare and familiarize yourself with the issues. There are several sites sorted by states that cover the various issues. Use a search engine to locate your specific issues and races.

3) Be prepared for weather issues, traffic, long lines and other significant problems. Take enough time to allow for the task and any snafus that might arise. Bring a book, a bottle of water and your patience.

4) Forget “testing the security” if that is your deal. It will only cause problems for you, others and the board of elections. Play around in the voting booth and you might end up spending some time as a guest of your state. Forget the e-voting media and press and just make your voice heard with a proper vote. Let the voting officials handle the rest.

Most of all, just vote. It is the single most important duty we have as an American. So, make your choices, select your candidate and do your patriotic duty. Using your voice is the finest way to honor the memory and sacrifice of all those who made it possible!

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