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Symantec Security Response Publications include our annual Internet Security Threat Report, monthly Security Intelligence Reports, white papers, blogs, and more.

Red-DragonRising‘s insight:

Significant Ket Findings from Volume 18 of Symantec’s threat report:


247,350 Blocked Web Attacks Daily…

  74,000 Malicious Web Domains that were BOTH New & Unique….


Interestingly – small to medium size businesses are the hackers target of choice…"offering the path of least resistance…"


"Key Findings

42% increase in targeted attacks in 2012.31% of all targeted attacks aimed at businesses with less than 250 employees.One waterhole attack infected 500 organizations in a single day.14 zero-day vulnerabilities.32% of all mobile threats steal information.A single threat infected 600,000 Macs in 2012.Spam volume continued to decrease, with 69% of all email being spam.The number of phishing sites spoofing social networking sites increased 125%.Web-based attacks increased 30%.5,291 new vulnerabilities discovered in 2012, 415 of them on mobile operating systems."

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