People’s Republic of China and Cyberwar

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Computer espionage is growing ever more dangerous, and Washington directly blames Beijing of mounting attacks.

Red-DragonRising‘s insight:

"Despite denials from Beijing, there seems little doubt that China’s computer hackers are engaged in an aggressive and increasingly threatening campaign of cyber espionage directed at a range of government and private systems in the United States, including the power grid and telecommunications networks." …  The use of the term ‘war’ and ‘cyber’ is offensive…granted my book "21st Century Chinese Cyber Warfare" uses these terms as if the intent was to satisfy a publisher’s wet dream…the reality is that collectively, we, the People’s Republic of China and the rest of the world are not yet engaged in a binary war…conflict yes, but war – NO! When will we know if it is WAR?…when ICS and SCADA systems are irreparably damaged necessitating US Federal Troops to be deployed on US soil to maintain law and order, when you cannot go and purchase gasoline for your car or SUV, when you can no longer enjoy the freedoms you have become accustomed to..$ 7.00 latte’s…$5.00/gallon petrol…


NO we are not at war yet…in the cyber domain…the 5th dimension is militarized, that’s true…yet protection of national critical infrastructure is still the responsibility of commercial enterprises…when business & company’s throw in the infosec towel and say ‘enough’ & ‘let the military handle protecting our networks’, then you will know it is cyberwar….until that condition is met information assurance and security of your organizational secrets is still your responsibility…

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