Snort Issues In Case You Missed Them and Malicious SWF

In case you missed it last week, Snort seems to be suffering from a problem with odd TTL values, which could allow an attack to get by Snort without detection. 2.8.1 has been released and includes the fix for the issue. Users of Snort should upgrade as soon as possible or apply the following workaround until they can update:

/From iDefense/

In the snort.conf file, set the ttl_limit configuration value to 255 as shown below.

preprocessor frag3_engine: ttl_limit 255

This will set the allowable difference to the maximum possible value, and prevent fragments from being dropped.

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Also, SANS is talking about malicious SWF files that have been found online. Looks like they are using some encoded images that can cause some issues with what may be a previously known flash player vulnerability. Advise your users to be wary of flash enabled sites that they would consider “untrusted”. Of course, your milage may vary with this one, but at least awareness might help….

Lastly, as refresher, if you are a Notes/Domino user, it might be a good idea to check out patches that have been released lately. There have been a number of issues in the last few weeks and we are seeing an increase in Domino fingerprinting on some of our non-US HoneyPoints. Looks like quick scans for names.nsf and a couple of other common Notes files. So far though, we have not seen any attacker activity out of the norm, but it may be the precursor to an attack or other activity. Just an FYI…

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