The “TSA Week at a Glance” Content – Huh???

This just in from the “No, we swear this isn’t propaganda” department.

The TSA seems to have added a section to their web site where you can keep tabs on just what they have been up to this week. You can check it out here.

As of this moment, here is what they have been doing so far this week:

* 15 passengers were arrested due to suspicious behavior or fraudulent travel documents

* 18 firearms found at checkpoints

* 12 incidents that involved a checkpoint closure, terminal evacuation or sterile area breach

* 16 disruptive passengers on flights

So, basically, according to those figures – they apparently have worked 61 “incidents” this week alone. Unfortunately, what they don’t seem to show is a graphic that shows where this lies as a historical piece of data. Wouldn’t it be whiz bang cool if they had a graph that showed historic trending? Maybe they could also do some sort of predictive “threat radar” that could turn various colors and make beeping sounds when they think more disruptive passengers are expected- like say the next time airlines go out of business, strand travelers, treat them without dignity – oh wait, that seems to be usual air travel today. No wonder they don’t have any sort of historic metrics…
I also particularly liked the large window at the top of the page that currently says something to the effect of “Chilling details have emerged about a trans-atlantic terror plot.” I am pretty sure that’s what I want to read from the TSA – horror stories. Is it just me or does this stuff seem like maybe it belongs someplace else? I really don’t want to view that material from the government group that’s supposed to protect me. Sure, you have the details. Sure, you might even have caught them, but I also think it induces more fear than it calms and reassures.
Hey TSA, how about a lot less marketing and a lot more focus on the presenting the details that we NEED TO KNOW. Please, refrain from using FUD to justify your presence in our lives and your budget dollars. Thanks!!!

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